• There are several convincing

    Most independent pub and bar owners are up against tight margins, and it can be tempting- especially in these trying financial times- to skimp on the details. After all, it isn't the responsibility of the local bar to worry about safe sex and the wellbeing of its customers.... Think about it: how often do you think you'd see your regulars, male or female, Spring grinding machine Manufacturers if they had a baby on the way? So it's a win-win situation: to look after your customers, look after your bottom line, choose the right retailer and the right machine. Not only does the right machine enhance the look of your bathroom and tell the customer that you take an interest in their wellbeing, it is also much more likely to get frequent use, and that is money in your pocket.. What this means when it comes to condom vending is that management either doesn't bother to purchase a machine at all, or that it goes for the cheapest one available without giving it too much thought.

    There are several convincing reasons why an independent bar or pub needs to spend a little time choosing the right bathroom condom dispensers for their customers. not least that they are a reliable supplementary source of income.. It is not enough just to buy condom vending machines, they need to be discreet, easy to use, and stocked with familiar and trusted brands. it's also good for your small business. Encouraging your customers to use protection by installing discreet, efficient machines with brands they trust isn't only good for them and their intended partners. Customers tend to be brand loyal to certain manufacturers, and are very unlikely to choose to buy a brand with which they are not familiar

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